MamaLisy is part of Kunstzinnig Centrum Randstad in Almere
The artisan products of MamaLisy

The beautiful MamaLisy products have all been prepared in a traditional artisan way that’s respectful of the environment, and have not been tested on animals.

Our collection includes scrub-stones, aroma-stones, accessories, and our own line of soaps and perfumes giving a delicate aroma to your scrub-stones. A relaxing way to look after your skin. We’ve paid special care t
o our gift sets that can be personalised.

  Clay from Almere is the basis of our ceramics

We are digging the clay for our ceramic stones ourselves from the soil of the Oosterwold near Almere. This former seabed yields a richly textured clay that we use for our products. 

The freshly cut clay is washed, sieved and cleaned to give a natural basis for our artisans to form into scrub-stones and aroma-stones. We use exclusively natural products.

A delightful sustainable and ecological product!

MamaLisy Artisan Scrub-stone, like all our ceramics, is made fully by hand with our own clay in our workshop in Almere.

Our natural soaps
For our scrub and fragrance stones, we have made delicious liquid soaps.
In addition, we also have solid soap with delicious scents, to just take care of your skin.

These natural soaps are made using traditional methods without preservatives.
Of course, the liquid soaps comes in a glass bottles

All ingredients in our soaps are included under the control of current legal requirements and guidelines issued by the International Fragrance Association..

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